Find offline deals on the web and compare them

OffersCheck is a search engine powered by Loresoft. The goals of OffersCheck are:

  • To inform consumers about the weekly supermarket specials on a single platform
  • Explicit search for offers like PC or CocaCola
  • To protect the environment by reducing the weekly paper waste in your postbox

How can you be effective against paper waste?

reduce paper waste

Each week thousands of tons of brochures are being printed worldwide only to be thrown in the trash afterwards. This destroys the nature unnecessarily, although it could be as simple as using a website. Everyone can do a responsible act to avoid paper waste. Reject the prospectus and use a website.

If you would like to help reducing paper waste, then Like us on Facebook. This means that more people will hear about our free service in France and thus less brochures need to be printed.

OffersCheck is independent third party and has no business profits!